Grünhagen History

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One of the largest Grünhagen-farms was "Homannshof".
  farm "Untergrünhagen"   The farm Grünhagen near Fallingbostel was divided in "Untergrünhagen" . . .
. . . and "Obergrünhagen" once.
  farm "Obergrünhagen"  
  Lilienwappen   Several coats of arms exist belonging to different Grünhagen families.
Besides the one shown on the main page, in Lüneburg there was a coat of arms with a lily, which appears to be from the same time but obviously it has not continued to be used to the modern day.
The coat of arms shown at the right has been used and still belongs to a middle class and Pastor-family from Celle (Marksmanchain and Family-book inscriptions).
Members of the Braunschweig line came into possession of this coat of arms in about 1750 and still use it today. It is the most recent of the three coats of arms.
      The Grünhagen families of Fallingbostel were primarily farmers whereas members of the families in Lüneburg soon became alderman, townmayors and theologians.
Daughters went in cloisters in Walsrode, near Fallingbostel among other places. An important relationship developed between Fallingbostel and Lüneburg.