(Grünhagen Association)

founded 1986
Duties and Organization of the Grünhagen-Association

The association finds out about genealogy and development of the different lines of descent as well as the history of the name Grünhagen (Grünhagen name). It will inform its members on research findings and family news on a regular basis. By issuing newsletters and meetings that will take place every 3 years as a rule, distant family members will get to know each other and thus a sense of solidarity will be cultivated.



Everyone can become a member of the association by written statement recognizing the articles of association and by giving his/her personal details

  • who's name is or was Grünhagen incl. marital partner,
  • who can prove that he/she is a close descendant of a Grünhagen.

By stating his/her personal details the member approves of his/her data being evaluated for genealogy reasons or stored or passed on, e.g. to archives.

The membership will end

  • by written statement to the managing committee at the end of the year
  • by death
  • by expelling for important reasons by the association (convention)


Membership Dues

In order to maintain work within the association each member is expected to pay a membership due. These dues are required to cover printing and postage rates as well as for the support of research trips (fares, overnight stay, fees)
Dues are to be paid on an annual basis.
If a person forgets payment for more than two years he/she cannot expect to receive the Newsletter which can only be financed if everyone participates.


Coat of arms

The coat of arms can only be purchased by persons of that name and a Grünhagen by birth.


Managing Body of the Association:

  1. general meeting which normally coincides with the congress of the association, but can also be called by the board for a just cause.
  2. the board, consists of:
    • the president (fem/male )
    • the recording secretary (fem./male )
    • the registrar (fem./male) at the same time genealogist
    • the treasurer (fem./male )

Each member of the board should be from a different lineage (descent).


Tasks of the general meeting:

  • Acceptance of the business and financial reports.
  • Approval of the executive committee's act, and election of the managing board,
  • Election of the cash auditor,
  • Stipulation of the annual subscriptions,
  • Modification of the articles of association ,
  • Decree on the disincorporation of the association
  • Decree on the use of the remaining balance ( German Red Cross ?) and on the whereabouts of the files, records and any other research material (main national archives Hannover),
  • Miscellaneous items.

Any elections and voting's will be effected by ordinary resolution of the attending members.


Tasks of the managing board:

  • The president (male/female) will manage the operations of the association and will preside at the meetings.
  • The recording secretary (male/female) will make a record of the meetings and can receive explanations of the members.
  • The registrar (male/female) will administer and look after the research material concerning the family, will diversify if possible and make detailed statements.
  • The treasurer (male/female) will collect the annual dues, regulates cash business and will report to the managing board.
  • The committee will serve in an honorary capacity .
  • In case of expenses, necessary in the interest of the association, receipts have to be collected and passed on to the treasurer (male/female) for reimbursement.

  Managing board:    
  At the general meeting of 3. September 2016 have been elected:  
  1. president:   Mr. Klaus Grünhagen    
  2. president:   -    
  registrar:   Mr. Hans Oppelaar    
  recording secretary:    - vacant    
  internet   Mr. Hans Oppelaar    
  cash auditor:   Mr. Johannes Grünhagen, Norden;
  -   Mrs. Ute Bruhn

  New members (see also Membership) are always welcome.

You can enrol for membership by filling out the application form and send it to:

Mr. Klaus Grünhagen
Wehnsen 3,
27374  Visselhövede, Wehnsen

or online > application form

Yearly contribution is 15,00€.

Please write down your name, place of residence and year of contribution to the remittance form.