Gruenhagen-day 1983  


At the "Grünhagen-Day" this year members of Grünhagen-families met in Baven.



. . . the second "Grünhagen-Day" in Baven.

  Gruenhagen-day 1986  
  Gruenhagen-day 1989  


. . . and the third time in Baven.



At the "Grünhagen-Day" this year many members of Grünhagen-families met in Walsrode.

  Gruenhagen-day 1992  
  Gruenhagen-day 1995  


. . . members of Grünhagen-families met in Walsrode for the second time



Inspite of rainy weather at the "Grünhagen-Day" numerous Grünhagens appeared this time in Fallingbostel.
Highlight of the two-day meeting was a trip to the former Grünhagen-farm "Homannshof" located at the today's militairy area.
"Homannshof" is the root of many Grünhagen.

Grünhagen-day 1998


It was really summer as Grünhagens met each other in Hünzingen near Walsrode. A trip to the former Grünhagen-farm "Homannshof" was organized again because of the great interest.



Once again American "relatives" traveled a long way to join the Grünhagen day.

  American guests  


This year "Grünhagen Day" toke place 11/12 September 2004 in Hünzingen near Walsrode (same place as last time).



Once again the "Grünhagen Day" was celebrated in Hünzingen at 15. September this year.
It almost became a tradition that Grünhagens from Minnesota visited us at the reunion.
A new managing board was elected.

  Wietzendorf 2010  


This time the "Gruenhagen Day" toke place in Wietzendorf at 11th. of September. The weather was fine and many Gruenhagen spent an interesting day together.
Again we were happy to meet guests from the US, in fact from DeSoto, Missouri.



The weather was fine at the Gruenhagen reunion in Winsen/Aller at 8. August 2013. Richard Gruenhagen and his wife Margaret from Langhorne, Pensylvania came to meet their "German relatives". Richard belongs to the Hanglüß/Barmbostel lineage.
We made a bus trip to the Ahlershof, twin farm of the former Helkenhof in Westenholz. Than we visited Düshorn and the old farms "Untergrünhagen" and "Ober Grünhagen".

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Gruenhagen Day Walsrode 2016


After 21 years the Gruenhagen Day was held in Walsrode again. After the formal part of the day we visited the convent of Walsrode. A visit at the Rischmannshof, which is a museum now, showed us how people lived 100 years ago. Of course there was enough time for meeting each other, conversations and questions. Again visitors from far away joined us at the Gruenhagen Day: Nancy Conrad (nee Greenhagen) with her husband Dave and four more members of her family from Napoleon, Ohio, USA and Ursula Lueters and her daughter from Mexico.


This time the the Gruenhagen Day was held in Hermannsburg at 31th. of August.

Gruenhagen day Hermannsburg